Ways To Connect With Artists

We’ve all wanted to meet our favorite artists and directors. Some of us are even interested in working by their side. Well, you’ve been able to do so all this time; you just didn’t know it. In this article, we compiled a list of the two most used services that will help you connect with directors, filmmakers, actors, etc. These services consist of backstage casting; browse all the available auditions and castings to select one of your interests. Select open roles and apply for an audience!

Most big streaming movies use backstage casting to select their secondary characters, so what makes you think you can’t be the next one? Here are the two must requested and used platforms:



You can now enjoy a free trial of membership at IMDbPro. Register, obtain your trial, and prepare your resume to start applying! This service allows you to prepare a professional resume with photos, headshots and demonstration rolls. For a monthly payment, you’ll receive access to the browsing section. Here you can surf through a large amount of auditions for movies, TV shows, etc.

If you’re a producer looking for talents, this service is for you as well. You’ll be able to create your own castings, review the candidates imdb proapplying, post the open roles and select your actors. If you don’t have time to look at every proposal, IMDbPro also offers match-up functionality. This service will match up the ideal candidate for your film/genre.

IMDbPro also allows you to stay connected with other users. You can access databases, contact information, complete filmographies and rankings of other users. Engage with over 200,000 contacts and keep yourself updated with the latest film industry news.




Backstage is an Audition & Casting platform with the largest database of performers, auditions and castings. You can register as an actor, casting director, filmmaker, producer, manager, and many other options. Backstage does not count with a free membership trial; thus you must acquire a monthly subscription in order to register and to use the platform.

As an actor/performer, you can browse a wide variety of projects without any restrictions. Your monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited applications; you can apply and participate in as many projects as you want to enhance your chances. Explore all kinds of castings and audiences with some of the most known TV channels and producers. At Backstage, you can apply for musicals, theatre performances, movies, short videos, advertisements, and many other optibackstage auditions logoons.

As an employer, you can post unlimited projects of all kind. Don’t limit yourself to just performers; Backstage allows you to review and hire directors, managers, photographers, and stunt doubles (amongst many other options). Once subscribed, you’ll gain access to the largest database of registered users (over 100,000) to find your ideal option.

Post auditions, castings, and independent projects to receive applications from qualified users. Filter your needs by age, genre, height, body type, hair color, talent, and specializations to make sure you find the talent that suits your project the most. Engaging with users and reviewing their applications has never been easier, their user-friendly system and strategic presentation will allow you to know everything you need in a matter of seconds.

If the largest casting databases online aren’t enough for you, Backstage also offers a printed subscription. This gives you access to their premium print, where you can announce yourself and your talent to the most exclusive audiences. Known channels that actively use Backstage services include Music Television (MTV), ABC News, NBC, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

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