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So far, 2016 has been a year full of action, suspense and intense action. We’ve seen the best of our favorite actors and we even saw some new faces. We got to see another sequel of an old-school classic after 20 years (Phantom: Ravager), one of the highest-grossing horror film of history (The Conjuring 2), and a very popular Marvel release (Captain America: Civil War).

But it seems like 2016 isn’t done with successful movies online, as it has some much awaited releases in its remaining months. We compiled a list of the remaining movies that 2016 still has to offer for us:


Infernoinferno movie 2016 must see movie poster

Release date: October 28th
Genre: Action, Adventure, and Crime.

This action film featuring Tom Hanks is released on. Consists of one of the world’s greatest minds suffering from amnesia, and he must face his hardest challenge in order to stop a plot that will affect the whole world.





Doctor Strangedoctor strange movie poster new must see

Release date: November 4th
Genre: Sci-fi, Superhero

This Marvel release follows the story of the comic-book character “Doctor Strange”. Doctor Strange is a world-class neurosurgeon who has an unexpected accident in which he loses the ability to use his hands. After trying everything to regain control of his most used tools and failing, Benedict Cumberbatch must explore other methods to take his life back to normal.




andreq garfield haksaw

Hacksaw Ridge

Release date: November 4th
Genre: Biographical, Action

Directed by nothing less than Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge brings us the harsh reality of war to our screens. The movie follows Booton Herndon’s book, which explains the true story of a doctor in the Battle of Okinawa who was awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing and preventing over 75 deaths of his allies.




shut in movie 2016 must see

Shut in

Release date: November 11th
Genre: Thriller

Written by Christina Hodson, this film explains the story of a woman who loses her husband and his son’s ability to move in an accident. During a heavy storm, she loses all contact with the rest of the world and starts to become isolated while taking care of her paraplegic son. After a psychologist finds them in their home, the mother starts to believe she’s there to harm them.



Bad Santa 2

Release date: November 23rd
Genre: Comedy

This epic comedy consists of an alcoholic Santa who had more drinks than he should, and goes on a rampage impulsed by whisky, gluttony, and hate, to shut down a charity event in Chicago during Christmas Eve. However, it all takes a twist when our protagonist Willie Soke is joined by her “loving” mother.





Release date: December 2nd
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Supernatural.
must see movies

This terror movie directed by Bred Peyton takes us through the story of a priest who must enter the unconscious mind of a molested boy in order to exorcise the demon responsible for the paranormal occurrences. However, it all takes a twist when the 10 year old boy turns out to be possessed by the priest’s old nemesis.



keep watching movie poster

Keep Watching


Release date: December 2nd


Genre: Horror, Suspense.

After a divorce, Carl has issues with his disordered and troublesome daughter who doesn’t approve his new wife. One night during a family weekend, they are locked in the house by three sociopaths who broke in. The madmen make Jamie play an horrible game in order to prevent her family from being murdered.



The Space Between Us

the space between us movie

Release date: December 16th
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Teen Romance.

An astronaut woman goes on a mission to explore mars, and she finds out to be pregnant during the voyage. She has no other option but to deliver the baby in Mars, being the baby the first human ever born in Mars; however, she dies during labor. The young boy then travels to our planet for the first time, where he meets a homeless, yet very smart girl of his age who he falls in love with.





Rogue One: A Star Wars Storystar wars rogue one

Release date: December 16th
Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi, Space Opera.

Rogue One will become the first release of an independent Star Wars anthology. This Star Wars film directed by Gareth Edwards takes place prior to the Galactic Empire’s creation. JynErso joins the Rebels, where he is paired up with CassianAndor and sent on a mission to obtain the Death Star’s plans.

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  1. I saw “Bad Santa” the first one and I don’t think that the second will be better than the first. But I’m still looking forward to watch it.

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