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The Film Entertainment Evolution | Two Decades

Screening Movies From 1990
The film entertainment industry is constantly under growth. Old-school online movies lovers had the opportunity to appreciate the progress that this industry has made throughout the years. We’ve seen movies go from silent and colorless to modern HD and up to 4k movies, and even 3D animation with special effects. In this article we’ll follow the movie industry through its progress and development since the early 90’s. During the early 90’s, the film industry reached a huge commercial popularity in many big countries including the US.

Through the 90s and onwards the most popular movies have been those that get the best out of modern special effects. Films such as Terminator, Titanic, and Jurassic Park became the first films to generate such a massive gross income at the box office. During the 90’s, Titanic became the highest grossing and to date is still one of the biggest box office incomes with $2.18 billion, reported to over 10 times the original budget (estimated to be $200 million). At this time, film entertainment became extremely popular; cinemas were full on the premieres of every popular movie and sequels became frenetically demanded.

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Major film producing companies became the leaders of the entertainment market; cinemas were amongst the most common activities in the US. With this, a new market raises; movie rentals, home films, and the well known streaming online movies ‘maniathrough… Blockbusters became packed with the latest movies and entertainment, allowing more users to enjoy films from their home; this was considered a luxury before the release of the first modern film-players.

Realizing the potential behind the film entertainment, the biggest studios decided to create separate film producing companies to invest in producing films with a different approach. From these ideals, individual groups such as Pixar come up. During the first years of the decade, Disney’s animated content became very popular as well. Online movies such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, Hercules, between others, enhanced the horizons of film entertainment to a new audience that had been left out of the market- kids and family.

In 1995, the film industry the biggest net of file circulation, the internet. With the progress that internet made, the film industry as a source of entertainment grew considerably. This same year a new technology arises improving the film industry exponentially- computer animation. This technology was initially embraced by Pixar to produce the Toy Story franchise, which was notably successful. Prior to the release of this film, Pixar took a huge leap forward in relation to the competitor studios. Later on, other companies embraced the use of this technology as well allowing them to properly place themselves back in the market against Pixar.

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Another big leap taken by the film industry occurred at the late 90´s, which is the transition to DVD. After its release, the DVD quickly became the standard video player for individual users, completely taking over its former standard, video tape players.

Watching Movies from 2000 & Actuality

During the early 2000s another film genre came to live, documentaries. Despite not becoming as successful as the typical cinema-busters, documentaries gained popularity on certain subjects. Contrary to popular belief, documentaries became accepted by many audiences. The idea of documenting nature, species, wildlife and many other interesting topics was considered very creative and gained reputation quickly.


Despite not being the preferred genre, some documentaries became extremely popular and caught the attention of many cinemas. Films such as Man on Wire, Grizzly Man and The Fog of War managed to take the audiences through impacting, informative and entertaining stories with a twist of reality taking them out of their sci-fi and special effects.

After the release of the film Gladiator, audiences showed a huge amount of interest in this genre. Gladiators, sword fights, empires and massive armies made their way back into the big screens- and being a huge success. During these years, another very important factor of films was improved, the music. Modern technology allowed music scores and sound effects to become more sophisticated. Thanks to this, online movies are able to enhance the impact and reactions of the audience through corresponding music and sound FX.

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Through the years, home cinemas quickly became more popular and advanced. Films started to release special DVDs specifically for playing in home cinemas. The first DVD special release was for the trilogy of Lord of The Rings, specifically intended for home cinemas. This trilogy also had its appearance in the big screen, but the prolonged version of the films was exclusive for home cinemas.

During the early 2000’s films embraced a new film format known as Image Max, which completely dominated the former Academy Format. The first film to be transmitted in this format was the animated movie Treasure Planet, audiences and critiques remarked the success of the new format and the notable graphic differences. One year later, two Matrix movies are released in IMAX format, where once again IMAX proved its superiority over the Academy Format. In 2008, the Batman movie became the first main high-grossing films filmed with this equipment.

International film industry started growing constantly, with many European and Asian producing films that managed to reach an international level. Many foreign online movies hit the big screen in the United States, along with many other American countries.

3D Cinema Movies Mania!

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Audiences also started to show interest in 3D cinema lately. After multiple releases of multiple genres, and the appearance of greater high definition cameras along with IMAX and 3D formats, tri-dimensional cinema gained loads of increasing popularity.  From family to action genres started to embrace this new technology, which eventually became the key to the highest-grossing movie ever, Avatar.

After many other successful movies, 3D cinema not only became popular and preferred by audiences; it also caught the attention of major film producers and directors, leading to some of the most famous online movies of all time to release special 3D versions, such as Titanic 3D.

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