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Is Rick And Morty TV Show Any Good?

Rick and Morty isn’t that good. It’s a great ‘squanchy’. Why is this series so cool? I will answer this enchanted question: because it’s not!

Defining Audience: For Who is Rick and Morty?

It is a best series, very best, I would not say that at the height of Rick and Morty’s tv show rank, because they are different tastes! Rick and Morty doesn’t try to mess out with people, but they just make dirty jokes, swear 24 times per sentence and there is as much blood, or more, than in a Tarantino movie. For those who love black humor this series is pure drug. Rick and Morty isn’t that good. It has some ‘shitty’ characters, black ‘shitty’ humor, a cute background, mixed sci-fi elements, no-originality, and especially a long wait for the Hulu’s third season.

The Nice Things in Rick and Morty

Apart from the big laughter, there’s a nice background in Rick and Morty, call me corny if you want… Those who have seen the series know that Rick is Morty’s grandfather, those who have not seen it already know it. It’s really nice that a grandfather and his grandson spend as much time together as they do, right? Surely you don’t pass or you have not spent half of their time with your grandfather. Although most likely your grandfather does not look like Rick Sanchez at all, so you will not live the adventures that Morty lives, nor suffer what he suffers because of his grandfather.

Trailer of the Long Awaited Rick and Morty Season 3

The Main Stars: A Grandfather & Grandson

The fact that the protagonists of the series are a grandfather and his grandson is a true innovation in animated sitcoms. The vast majority of them, or those that are more successful, are about a peculiar American family whose protagonist is the father. It would be a super-mega-ultra novelty that the protagonist was the mother or the daughter (I’ll keep waiting …). Still, it’s the first time I’ve seen an animated series for adults that focuses on the adventures of a naughty alcoholic grandfather and his fat grandson.

No doubt Morty has inherited the ‘pringadez’ of his father Jerry Smith. We all know Meg (Family Guy) and Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama) and we know that they are unfortunate, since Jerry belongs to his club since episode

He loses his job as a publicist and the whole family reproaches him; his wife, Beth, goes from her ass; Rick hates him and always punches him; and a long etcetera of misfortunes. I love it because at his side we are all winners (except Meg and Zoidberg who are still a bit of a sucker).

The Sci – Fi Elements in Rick and Morty

Another thing that makes me fall in love with this series is science fiction. That Rick is a mad scientist (among other things), gives a lot of details to the TV episodes. In each chapter, the protagonists go through different worlds and find themselves in impossible situations. In Futurama, under the pretext that it is the year 3000, the characters travel with the ship to different planets and interact with evil and good aliens. However in Rick and Morty they do it in a much more outlandish and funny way since for example, extraterrestrial characters like Mr. Meeseeks, Birdperson or Squanchy. They are the strangest, unpredictable and funny thing that we can imagine being drunk.



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