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Is Rick And Morty TV Show Any Good?

Rick and Morty isn’t that good. It’s a great ‘squanchy’. Why is this series so cool? I will answer this enchanted question: because it’s not!

Defining Audience: For Who is Rick and Morty?

It is a best series, very best, I would not say that at the height of Rick and Morty’s tv show rank, because they are different tastes! Rick and Morty doesn’t try to mess out with people, but they just make dirty jokes, swear 24 times per sentence and there is as much blood, or more, than in a Tarantino movie. For those who love black humor this series is pure drug. Rick and Morty isn’t that good. It has some ‘shitty’ characters, black ‘shitty’ humor, a cute background, mixed sci-fi elements, no-originality, and especially a long wait for the Hulu’s third season.

The Nice Things in Rick and Morty

Apart from the big laughter, there’s a nice background in Rick and Morty, call me corny if you want… Those who have seen the series know that Rick is Morty’s grandfather, those who have not seen it already know it. It’s really nice that a grandfather and his grandson spend as much time together as they do, right? Surely you don’t pass or you have not spent half of their time with your grandfather. Although most likely your grandfather does not look like Rick Sanchez at all, so you will not live the adventures that Morty lives, nor suffer what he suffers because of his grandfather.

Trailer of the Long Awaited Rick and Morty Season 3

The Main Stars: A Grandfather & Grandson

The fact that the protagonists of the series are a grandfather and his grandson is a true innovation in animated sitcoms. The vast majority of them, or those that are more successful, are about a peculiar American family whose protagonist is the father. It would be a super-mega-ultra novelty that the protagonist was the mother or the daughter (I’ll keep waiting …). Still, it’s the first time I’ve seen an animated series for adults that focuses on the adventures of a naughty alcoholic grandfather and his fat grandson.

No doubt Morty has inherited the ‘pringadez’ of his father Jerry Smith. We all know Meg (Family Guy) and Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama) and we know that they are unfortunate, since Jerry belongs to his club since episode

He loses his job as a publicist and the whole family reproaches him; his wife, Beth, goes from her ass; Rick hates him and always punches him; and a long etcetera of misfortunes. I love it because at his side we are all winners (except Meg and Zoidberg who are still a bit of a sucker).

The Sci – Fi Elements in Rick and Morty

Another thing that makes me fall in love with this series is science fiction. That Rick is a mad scientist (among other things), gives a lot of details to the TV episodes. In each chapter, the protagonists go through different worlds and find themselves in impossible situations. In Futurama, under the pretext that it is the year 3000, the characters travel with the ship to different planets and interact with evil and good aliens. However in Rick and Morty they do it in a much more outlandish and funny way since for example, extraterrestrial characters like Mr. Meeseeks, Birdperson or Squanchy. They are the strangest, unpredictable and funny thing that we can imagine being drunk.




Filmmakers That Marked History

We usually see films as a source of entertainment and distraction. People constantly forget that films can also serve other purposes; they can transmit feelings, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives, amongst many other messages. Just like films, directors are also thought to be people who create entertainment. But there’s much more to filmmakers and films than what audiences really notice- we consider directors to be artists, and films to be their portraits.

In this article, we compiled a list of all-time directors that left a massive footprint in the history of filmmaking. Some of them are still with us, and those who have passed will live forever within their movies:

Federico Fellini (1920-1993)Frederico Fellini

This Italian film director was known internationally for his unique grace in fictional stories and ornamental style. Fellini was also a book lover; having wrote over 20 of them. This Italian master mind had a lot of influence in the filmmaking world, with some of his most known hits La Strada, Amarcord, Satyrico and The Sweet Life. Federico worked in many films and received numerous awards during, and after his life including the Palm d’Or.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.”


Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino started his career as a script writer and slowly escalated to being one of the most notorious American directors known internationally for his movies. He expresses a graceful image through each of his films, having personal preferences for satirical violence and mixed stories. 80’s-90’s sound tracks are a key representation of his style, as well as prolonged dialogue scenes.

His most famous films consist of a combination between black comedy and action, as seen in Pulp Fiction. In 2003, he released a gore action film with a satirical approach- Kill Bill. After being a total success, he proceeded with a sequel. Quentin Tarantino never assisted

“When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’”
“Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.”

Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is considered an emblematic icon of the silent film era, often called “The Father of Silent Films”. During his 75 year long career, Chaplin participated in a wide variety of movies. Through the years, he transitioned from scrip writer, to actor, to finally becoming a director. The British director had a very rough childhood composed by a missing father and a mother financially complicated.

This character composed, wrote, revised, and rewrote most of the musical records in his movies. His close friends described him as a perfectionist. He dedicated his whole life to performing and directing, from his childhood to his last year of life. Some of his most notorious hits were The Gold Rush and The Great Dictator, which to this day are still famous.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”
“We think too much and feel too little”.

Alfred Hitchcock (1889-1980)alfred hitchcock

Coming from the UK, Hitchcock spent over 50 years of his live as a director. Before reaching Hollywood, Alfred had a successful career with silent films and the first films with sound, to the point where he was believed to be the best director in the UK. Once in Hollywood, Alfred became internationally known for his unique style in suspense movies.

To this day, he’s the most notorious icon of the suspense genre thanks to the directing techniques he used to get the most out of his audience. Some of his emblematic techniques included movements of cameras to imitate glazing, restricted shots of intimate scenes, and prolonged suspenseful takes. He was assumed the directing role in over 60 films during his 60+ year career. Two of his most notorious films were Notorious and Vertigo.

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”
“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg

Yet another American character with a major role in filmmaking. Steven Spielberg has dedicated over 40 years of his life to his career, directing and participating in a wide variety of genres and projects. His career started by directing a TV show in 1970, from where he has escalated to co-owning one of the biggest studios of the present, DreamWorks Studios.

Steven has directed some of the most notorious films of all times, three of them being part of the highest-grossing films of all time. His style has been present in genres like action, politics, terrorism, suspense, war, science fiction, and real-life events. Steven Spielberg is to this moment the highest-grossing director of all times, and is recognized as one of the founders of the modern Hollywood; his name can be found in the Walk of Fame. His two most successful movies were E.T.: The Extraterrestrial and Jurassic Park, reporting a gross of $1.2 billion and $791 million respectively (inflation adjusted).

“All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives. Once a month the sky falls on my head, I come to and I see another movie I want to make.”

Quotes Credit: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_movies.html

money making movies - dollars picture

How Do Movies Make Money?

The film industry is quite a complex business. Contrary to popular belief, there’s much more behind a movie that just filming and playing it on theaters. In fact, the process of filming, preparing, distributing and selling a movie is quite a complex subject. In this article we’ll take you behind the movies to find out what is it that makes them profitable (or not).


First off, every movie has a reported budget. This budget represents the production costs; the actors’ payment, edition department, filming equipment, scenography, the special FX and so on. This reported budget is later compared to the box-office income to determine the profit (or loss) of the film. However, this production budget does not include some very important factors that can actually determine whether a film results in profit or loss.

These factors consist of advertisement, marketing, and prints. Regular audiences would just overlook the costs of these processes, thinking they’re not really relevant to the final cost of the film. However, directors and studios are pretty aware of the importance and costs behind advertisement and marketing. A film with a $100 million production budget is likely to spend around $40 million in additional advertising and marketing on average.

The costs of prints should not be underestimated, as we said before; it can mark the difference between a profitable movie and one that generates loss. This applies specially to new films, those that didn’t have a book or a past related film must do an additional effort to take people into the theatre to watch their movie.

These new films must coordinate their advertisement campaigns carefully, as over-advertising might generate too many expenses and hence making the film unprofitable. However, under-advertising might not make the film draw enough attention to make it profitable.

Known films with previous books, trilogies, and sequels must also play their advertisement and marketing wisely. Despite have previous reputation, a properly placed ad and a smart marketing technique can lead a film to enhance their income considerably. Not only does it draw attention from those audiences that aren’t related to the film’s past reputation; these techniques can generate loads of discussion through social media and through the audiences, hence enhancing the attention towards its merchandise (DVDs, Clothing, etc.).


Studios get a fixed cut from the cinema ticket sales. Usually, they receive about half of the price from each ticket bought to their movie (in their country). When screened in other countries, they generally receive a lesser amount per ticket. The cinema movie tickets used to be the main income for films; however, audiences present at cinemas have been constantly decreasing due to home theatres, internet streaming movies services, DVDs, and the many other ways to watch a film without going to the movies.

Generally, studios and cinemas make an agreement where the studio receives a larger percentage of the ticket sales during the premiere of the film and the following few days. After the accorded period of time (usually 3 days), the percentage received by cinemas is increased substantially.

The percentage repartition is also affected by the popularity the movie has gained through social media or through sequels/books. A successful film series that releases another sequel is likely to receive a better percentage than a new film that perhaps doesn’t promise such a good outcome. Another important factor is the location of the cinemas you’re dealing with and the genre of your movie.

If I’m looking to sell a superhero movie such as Superman, my main income will definitely come from my local country. After that, foreign sales will depend on your genre. Since Superman is a known super-hero movie that can be easily enjoyed from anywhere around the world, my international income would be higher.
If I’m looking to sell a Malaysian comedy however, audiences outside Malaysia might not be able to understand or enjoy a foreign sense of humor. This factor leads to a reduced income in foreign cinemas.

DVD & Streaming Services

picture of DVD blue ray

With the increasing popularity of home theatres and streaming services, studios are able to obtain a higher income from these sales. Being Megamovies.cc the most popular paid streaming service, the income from their side is considerably important.

DVD sales are often wrongly underestimated, as a successful film is able to sell fairly over the million copies. DVDs are certainly cheap, however, when selling such a massive amount of them the numbers simply add up to a pretty big income.

Video-On-Demand services are an easy way for producers and studios to rake in some extra money. Considering the VOD services are the one responsible for the whole sales process and the advertising/marketing campaign to sell the movie, studios can just set back and receive a cut from every copy of their film that is sold through this method.
But entertainment isn’t limited to the ground-level. Airlines and other transport services have shown their willingness to spend a considerable amount of money for the latest entertainment for their customers.


This is the most underrated sales method by audiences. We often think simple products such as coffee mugs, action figures, decorated clothing and many every day products couldn’t really add much value to a film’s wealth; but we are terribly wrong.

Every-day items, just like that Star-Wars action figure you bought some time ago, or those stickers you bought your kids for their notebooks, have a similar effect to DVDs. Despite being really accessible (some of them for under a dollar), the numbers once again stack up; but this time, they stack up like you’ve no idea.

Customized merchandise has reported to generate over 2 times as much as the box-office income for certain films. The Star-Wars series have reported over $13 billion in merchandise income. This income is often the main source of money for future film sequels or related projects. Audiences have shown their interest towards personalized toys & products, some of them spending significant amounts of money on collectibles and limited-edition merchandise.

watching movies 1990

The Film Entertainment Evolution | Two Decades

Screening Movies From 1990
The film entertainment industry is constantly under growth. Old-school online movies lovers had the opportunity to appreciate the progress that this industry has made throughout the years. We’ve seen movies go from silent and colorless to modern HD and up to 4k movies, and even 3D animation with special effects. In this article we’ll follow the movie industry through its progress and development since the early 90’s. During the early 90’s, the film industry reached a huge commercial popularity in many big countries including the US.

Through the 90s and onwards the most popular movies have been those that get the best out of modern special effects. Films such as Terminator, Titanic, and Jurassic Park became the first films to generate such a massive gross income at the box office. During the 90’s, Titanic became the highest grossing and to date is still one of the biggest box office incomes with $2.18 billion, reported to over 10 times the original budget (estimated to be $200 million). At this time, film entertainment became extremely popular; cinemas were full on the premieres of every popular movie and sequels became frenetically demanded.

the evolution of movie streaming industry
Major film producing companies became the leaders of the entertainment market; cinemas were amongst the most common activities in the US. With this, a new market raises; movie rentals, home films, and the well known streaming online movies ‘maniathrough Megamovies.cc… Blockbusters became packed with the latest movies and entertainment, allowing more users to enjoy films from their home; this was considered a luxury before the release of the first modern film-players.

Realizing the potential behind the film entertainment, the biggest studios decided to create separate film producing companies to invest in producing films with a different approach. From these ideals, individual groups such as Pixar come up. During the first years of the decade, Disney’s animated content became very popular as well. Online movies such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, Hercules, between others, enhanced the horizons of film entertainment to a new audience that had been left out of the market- kids and family.

In 1995, the film industry the biggest net of file circulation, the internet. With the progress that internet made, the film industry as a source of entertainment grew considerably. This same year a new technology arises improving the film industry exponentially- computer animation. This technology was initially embraced by Pixar to produce the Toy Story franchise, which was notably successful. Prior to the release of this film, Pixar took a huge leap forward in relation to the competitor studios. Later on, other companies embraced the use of this technology as well allowing them to properly place themselves back in the market against Pixar.

pixar movies
Another big leap taken by the film industry occurred at the late 90´s, which is the transition to DVD. After its release, the DVD quickly became the standard video player for individual users, completely taking over its former standard, video tape players.

Watching Movies from 2000 & Actuality

During the early 2000s another film genre came to live, documentaries. Despite not becoming as successful as the typical cinema-busters, documentaries gained popularity on certain subjects. Contrary to popular belief, documentaries became accepted by many audiences. The idea of documenting nature, species, wildlife and many other interesting topics was considered very creative and gained reputation quickly.


Despite not being the preferred genre, some documentaries became extremely popular and caught the attention of many cinemas. Films such as Man on Wire, Grizzly Man and The Fog of War managed to take the audiences through impacting, informative and entertaining stories with a twist of reality taking them out of their sci-fi and special effects.

After the release of the film Gladiator, audiences showed a huge amount of interest in this genre. Gladiators, sword fights, empires and massive armies made their way back into the big screens- and being a huge success. During these years, another very important factor of films was improved, the music. Modern technology allowed music scores and sound effects to become more sophisticated. Thanks to this, online movies are able to enhance the impact and reactions of the audience through corresponding music and sound FX.

gladiator movie sample picture

Through the years, home cinemas quickly became more popular and advanced. Films started to release special DVDs specifically for playing in home cinemas. The first DVD special release was for the trilogy of Lord of The Rings, specifically intended for home cinemas. This trilogy also had its appearance in the big screen, but the prolonged version of the films was exclusive for home cinemas.

During the early 2000’s films embraced a new film format known as Image Max, which completely dominated the former Academy Format. The first film to be transmitted in this format was the animated movie Treasure Planet, audiences and critiques remarked the success of the new format and the notable graphic differences. One year later, two Matrix movies are released in IMAX format, where once again IMAX proved its superiority over the Academy Format. In 2008, the Batman movie became the first main high-grossing films filmed with this equipment.

International film industry started growing constantly, with many European and Asian producing films that managed to reach an international level. Many foreign online movies hit the big screen in the United States, along with many other American countries.

3D Cinema Movies Mania!

free movies online

Audiences also started to show interest in 3D cinema lately. After multiple releases of multiple genres, and the appearance of greater high definition cameras along with IMAX and 3D formats, tri-dimensional cinema gained loads of increasing popularity.  From family to action genres started to embrace this new technology, which eventually became the key to the highest-grossing movie ever, Avatar.

After many other successful movies, 3D cinema not only became popular and preferred by audiences; it also caught the attention of major film producers and directors, leading to some of the most famous online movies of all time to release special 3D versions, such as Titanic 3D.

Ways To Connect With Artists

We’ve all wanted to meet our favorite artists and directors. Some of us are even interested in working by their side. Well, you’ve been able to do so all this time; you just didn’t know it. In this article, we compiled a list of the two most used services that will help you connect with directors, filmmakers, actors, etc. These services consist of backstage casting; browse all the available auditions and castings to select one of your interests. Select open roles and apply for an audience!

Most big streaming movies use backstage casting to select their secondary characters, so what makes you think you can’t be the next one? Here are the two must requested and used platforms:



You can now enjoy a free trial of membership at IMDbPro. Register, obtain your trial, and prepare your resume to start applying! This service allows you to prepare a professional resume with photos, headshots and demonstration rolls. For a monthly payment, you’ll receive access to the browsing section. Here you can surf through a large amount of auditions for movies, TV shows, etc.

If you’re a producer looking for talents, this service is for you as well. You’ll be able to create your own castings, review the candidates imdb proapplying, post the open roles and select your actors. If you don’t have time to look at every proposal, IMDbPro also offers match-up functionality. This service will match up the ideal candidate for your film/genre.

IMDbPro also allows you to stay connected with other users. You can access databases, contact information, complete filmographies and rankings of other users. Engage with over 200,000 contacts and keep yourself updated with the latest film industry news.




Backstage is an Audition & Casting platform with the largest database of performers, auditions and castings. You can register as an actor, casting director, filmmaker, producer, manager, and many other options. Backstage does not count with a free membership trial; thus you must acquire a monthly subscription in order to register and to use the platform.

As an actor/performer, you can browse a wide variety of projects without any restrictions. Your monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited applications; you can apply and participate in as many projects as you want to enhance your chances. Explore all kinds of castings and audiences with some of the most known TV channels and producers. At Backstage, you can apply for musicals, theatre performances, movies, short videos, advertisements, and many other optibackstage auditions logoons.

As an employer, you can post unlimited projects of all kind. Don’t limit yourself to just performers; Backstage allows you to review and hire directors, managers, photographers, and stunt doubles (amongst many other options). Once subscribed, you’ll gain access to the largest database of registered users (over 100,000) to find your ideal option.

Post auditions, castings, and independent projects to receive applications from qualified users. Filter your needs by age, genre, height, body type, hair color, talent, and specializations to make sure you find the talent that suits your project the most. Engaging with users and reviewing their applications has never been easier, their user-friendly system and strategic presentation will allow you to know everything you need in a matter of seconds.

If the largest casting databases online aren’t enough for you, Backstage also offers a printed subscription. This gives you access to their premium print, where you can announce yourself and your talent to the most exclusive audiences. Known channels that actively use Backstage services include Music Television (MTV), ABC News, NBC, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

must see new movie releases

Movies To See | New Movies on Cinema

So far, 2016 has been a year full of action, suspense and intense action. We’ve seen the best of our favorite actors and we even saw some new faces. We got to see another sequel of an old-school classic after 20 years (Phantom: Ravager), one of the highest-grossing horror film of history (The Conjuring 2), and a very popular Marvel release (Captain America: Civil War).

But it seems like 2016 isn’t done with successful movies online, as it has some much awaited releases in its remaining months. We compiled a list of the remaining movies that 2016 still has to offer for us:


Infernoinferno movie 2016 must see movie poster

Release date: October 28th
Genre: Action, Adventure, and Crime.

This action film featuring Tom Hanks is released on. Consists of one of the world’s greatest minds suffering from amnesia, and he must face his hardest challenge in order to stop a plot that will affect the whole world.





Doctor Strangedoctor strange movie poster new must see

Release date: November 4th
Genre: Sci-fi, Superhero

This Marvel release follows the story of the comic-book character “Doctor Strange”. Doctor Strange is a world-class neurosurgeon who has an unexpected accident in which he loses the ability to use his hands. After trying everything to regain control of his most used tools and failing, Benedict Cumberbatch must explore other methods to take his life back to normal.




andreq garfield haksaw

Hacksaw Ridge

Release date: November 4th
Genre: Biographical, Action

Directed by nothing less than Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge brings us the harsh reality of war to our screens. The movie follows Booton Herndon’s book, which explains the true story of a doctor in the Battle of Okinawa who was awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing and preventing over 75 deaths of his allies.




shut in movie 2016 must see

Shut in

Release date: November 11th
Genre: Thriller

Written by Christina Hodson, this film explains the story of a woman who loses her husband and his son’s ability to move in an accident. During a heavy storm, she loses all contact with the rest of the world and starts to become isolated while taking care of her paraplegic son. After a psychologist finds them in their home, the mother starts to believe she’s there to harm them.



Bad Santa 2

Release date: November 23rd
Genre: Comedy

This epic comedy consists of an alcoholic Santa who had more drinks than he should, and goes on a rampage impulsed by whisky, gluttony, and hate, to shut down a charity event in Chicago during Christmas Eve. However, it all takes a twist when our protagonist Willie Soke is joined by her “loving” mother.





Release date: December 2nd
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Supernatural.
must see movies

This terror movie directed by Bred Peyton takes us through the story of a priest who must enter the unconscious mind of a molested boy in order to exorcise the demon responsible for the paranormal occurrences. However, it all takes a twist when the 10 year old boy turns out to be possessed by the priest’s old nemesis.



keep watching movie poster

Keep Watching


Release date: December 2nd


Genre: Horror, Suspense.

After a divorce, Carl has issues with his disordered and troublesome daughter who doesn’t approve his new wife. One night during a family weekend, they are locked in the house by three sociopaths who broke in. The madmen make Jamie play an horrible game in order to prevent her family from being murdered.



The Space Between Us

the space between us movie

Release date: December 16th
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Teen Romance.

An astronaut woman goes on a mission to explore mars, and she finds out to be pregnant during the voyage. She has no other option but to deliver the baby in Mars, being the baby the first human ever born in Mars; however, she dies during labor. The young boy then travels to our planet for the first time, where he meets a homeless, yet very smart girl of his age who he falls in love with.





Rogue One: A Star Wars Storystar wars rogue one

Release date: December 16th
Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi, Space Opera.

Rogue One will become the first release of an independent Star Wars anthology. This Star Wars film directed by Gareth Edwards takes place prior to the Galactic Empire’s creation. JynErso joins the Rebels, where he is paired up with CassianAndor and sent on a mission to obtain the Death Star’s plans.

Best Hollywood Movies of All Time

With over hundreds of films created by Hollywood, we’ve got the best rated Hollywood movies according to the top lists of Oscar Winners and the entertainment industry. Here are the best Hollywood movies of all time.

The GodFather


The epic American crime film was based on the best-selling novel written by Mario Puzo. Starring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, the story depicts the chronicles of the crime family as well as the transformation of Pacino as the reluctant outsider who became the ruthless Mafia Boss.

The Shawshank Redemption


America’s iconic drama film starred Morgan Freeman and Frank Darabont in the adaptation of Stephen king’s Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The film tells the story of a banker who was sentenced to life in Prison for the murder of his wife and her new lover. While he fought hard to claim his innocence, he meets another inmate, Ellis Boyd Redding, and becomes protected by the guards when they started using him in their money-laundering operation.

While the film wasn’t a hit at the box office, the movie did receive multiple nominations including seven Oscar nominations – making it one of the greatest films of Hollywood and of all time.

Titanic – 1997


The iconic romance-tragedy film was directed by James Cameron. As the fictionalized account of the RMS Titanic, actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio star two lovers from different classes who fall in love during the disastrous voyage to New York.

Schindler’s List – 1993


Another American epic film that depicts the historical period based on the novel Schindler’s Ark. Schindler’s list was directed why Steven Spielberg as the movie relies on the life of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saves the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. The film was proposed as early as the 1960s as Poldek Pfefferberg, made it his life mission to tell Schindler’s story.

Forrest Gump – 1994


The iconic comedy-drama film was based on the novel written by Winston Groom in 1986. The story depicts the life of Forrest Gump as this kind-hearted man goes through life-defining experiences throughout the film. The film itself has inspired other movies and even a restaurant dedicated entirely to the film.

Comment below and tell us what your favorite Hollywood movies are!

Top 5 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies

With the array of Hollywood movies being released each year, some have made a strong profit while others failed miserable – despite their big budgets. People enjoy going to the movies, but even with a great story, it doesn’t always mean every film will make a profit.

Here are the top 5 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies

5. The Avengers – $1,519,557,910

The Avengers is the long-awaited superhero film in 2012 that set Marvel into full gear after Disney’s big purchase. It is the sixth installment of the Marvel world. S.H.I.E.L., Marvel’s peacekeeping organization, recruits the iconic league of Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor to form an unstoppable team while trying to stop Loki, Thor’s adoptive brother.

4. Jurassic World – $1,670,400,637

As Jurassic Park’s latest addition to series, Jurassic World depicts life years after Jurassic Park. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the film also stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – $2,068,178,225

As the latest sequel to the Star Wars Trilogy, the Force Awakens is the 7th installment as the film welcomes back the iconic Star Wars actors including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and other fresh new faces.

2. Titanic – $2,186,772,302

The 1997 epic romantic tragedy film was directed by James Camera, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film depicts a fictional account of two lovers aboard the sinking RMS Titanic as two people from different social classes fall in love and suffers the tragedy of the ill-fated journey to New York.

1. Avatar – $2,787,965,087

Directed by James Cameron, Avatar is an epic science fiction film starring Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriquez, Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, and Sigourney Weaver. The film is based on the mid-22 century as humans are looking to mine precious mineral on the habitable moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. The story depicts the threat of the mining colony as humans threaten the lives of the Na’vi tribe.

Other high grossing films include Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Frozen, and Iron Man 3.

Hollywood Movies Based on True Stories

Movies are a great way to take a break from reality and enjoy great films. But films aren’t always about comedy and dramatic action movies. In fact, many great movies are based on real-life stories of those living extraordinary lives.

Here are a few Hollywood Movies based on true stories.

Catch Me if You Can


A major film starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, the story rests on the life of Con-Artist Frank Abagnale Jr. The story depicts a character who leads a convincing character that gets everyone to believe that he is the real deal. The major con artist was successful at stealing millions by acting as a Doctor, Pan Am pilot, and a legal prosecutor – barely at the age of 19.

With nearly $4 million in bad checks, he uses the money to save his father and his parents’ marriage.

Schindler’s List


As one of Hollywood’s most popular American films, Schindler’s List depicts the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German business who became a concerned business employer. Actor Liam Neeson plays Schindler as he hires Jewish workers for his factory. After seeing how the Jews were being taken, he became worried about their fat and turned his factory into a refuge for Jews – ultimately saving the lives of over a thousand Jews.

Erin Brockovich


Actress Julia Roberts plays Erin Brockovich, a female lawyer bringing a fight against a large corporation to serve justice for her small town community. As a mom of three kids, she struggles to keep her children well fed and suddenly gets into a car accident where she tries to sue the doctor who wrecked her car.

While the case was lost, she finds herself a new job as a legal assistant. While on the job, Brockovich discovers the contaminated water filled with toxic chemicals from Pacific Gas and Electric that has made residents in the area extremely sick. She becomes determined to hold records and file a lawsuit against the giant corporation.

Comment below and tell us your favorite film based on a true story!